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New product

Cutey cupcakes with signature cookies gift set

 2 Cup cakes

 2 Baby Shower Cookies

 2 Red Eggs

 2 Dorayaki

 1 Announcement Card

 Box available in pink or blue color

Promotion With Volume Break (nett price):

No of boxes With card Without Card
10 - 30 boxes $12.30/ box $12.10/ box
Above 31 boxes

$11.50/ box

14% discount

$10.80/ box

19% discount

Payment via bank transfer only
Payment via bank transfer only

Data sheet

Height 7 cm
Width 25 cm
Depth 16 cm
Compositions Non halal certified but no pork no lard no alchohol
Styles Available in Pink or Blue Box
Properties Cupcakes and eggs same day consumption or keep in fridge. Cookies and dorayaki with 1 month shelf life.
Min order 10 boxes